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ROYAL DEVELOPMENT Ltd. offers complex consulting services for businessmen in 2 main areas:

Consulting services in construction of industrial and housing structures

Our company unifies in its offer all the necessary attributes for global and strategic processing of your investment and business goal and helps you secure its future effectiveness. Along with our investor we deal with choosing of an appropriate piece of land, the primary pre-realization steps, total expected costs of a future work, setting of a construction schedule, project preparation and perhaps even with the realization itself.

Business consulting services and conflict settlement – MEDIATION

We offer our clients also alternative solutions to a whole range of problems from the business area and help solving legal and contractual disputable situations.

Our main focus in this area is:

  • Consulting services in contractual relationship of two business persons
  • Settlement of existing conflicts – MEDIATION
  • Consulting services and prevention against business conflicts
  • Administration of receivables and receivable recovery services
  • Consulting services and protection in defense against unjustifiably recovered receivables and reconciliation of debtor’s and creditor’s opinion

Our company’s specialty is a very sensible symbiosis of all legal methods of prevention against possible future conflicts, but also finding solutions to them:

  • Legally secure business contracts
  • Out-of-court settlements (especially MEDIATION)
  • Other legal instruments (lawsuits and criminal procedures)

Our effort is to settle existing conflicts especially by means of an out-of-court settlement – negotiation and especially MEDIATION.

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